Well this is awkward.

Former FBI Informant Accused of Lying About Bidens Claimed Russian Intelligence Contacts

Alexander Smirnov had “extensive and extremely recent” contacts with foreign intelligence services, federal prosecutors said.

Via that infamously liberal rag, the Wall Street Journal.


100% this. @moira @solarbird @alda

Quoted post from Alda Vigdís :topspicy: 🧱: Keep criticising Matt Mullenweg. But please don't throw those of us who have worked for him and on the #WordPress project in various capacities under the bus.

Many of us not only dislike the guy, but have been hurt by him in one way or another.

But for some of us, WP is our livelihood.

Self-host your website outside of WordPress.com. There's plenty of hosting providers out there who support the open source WordPress ecosystem without involving MM or Automattic Inc.

#tumblr #WordPress
#tumblr #wordpress

Source: https://topspicy.social/@alda/111965367558604891

How about we not do this.

"The voices of kids killed in school shootings are being recreated by AI to lobby elected officials for gun control.

The WSJ’s Joanna Stern reports on The Shotline, which uses AI from a company called ElevenLabs to recreate the voices of kids murdered in school shootings and have them call elected officials."

Great job team MAGA I hope stabbing Israel and Ukraine in the back was worth it.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has drafted plans to release thousands of immigrants and slash its capacity to hold detainees after the failure of a Senate border bill that would have erased a $700 million budget shortfall, according to four officials at ICE and the Department of Homeland Security.

Get in #Babkans, #Microblogians, and other #fedizens, we're doing Monday.

Breakfast has been consumed, and we're working on consuming our first cups of coffee, and I am here to tell you in this Gregorian year of 2024 that absolutely zero people and organizations need a toolbar with 155 items shoved into their navigation menu on their website that does nothing but list all their other shitty domains they're redirecting to whatever hellsite this is. Your users probably hate you and I don't blame them. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.


Get in Babkans, Microblogians, and other fedizens, we're most of the way through Tuesday.

John and I are taking a slower day today in order to read the newest Peter Ashe book. So far we're really liking it, and I think we'll reread the rest of the series after this.

Other than that, we're just sort of lazily working, if that's a thing. We're just not running like chickens with our heads cut off.


Here let me fix this headline for you JNS.

"House Republicans, after spending the last several months loudly proclaiming their love for Israel and the Jews, throw Israel under the bus as soon as the Jews look the other way. Because Donald Trump told them to."

Democrats need to spend every minute until the election crucifying Republicans over this, and the accompanying border wishlist they rejected, and abortion.

Quit bringing handshakes to knife fights.


Get in Babkans, fedizens, and finally, microblogians, we're doing Monday.

First I'd like to welcome back the Microblogians, otherwise known as people I follow who host their stuff on micro.blog. While completely rebuilding my website on a different domain back in August, I forgot to remove the old feeds and add the new feed, and I've finally fixed this today. So, you should be seeing my notes content again.

John and I are both busy today, and we've had breakfast and are working on our morning coffee. I'm not sure either of us had an awesome night's sleep last night so we'll probably go to bed early later on this evening.

I hope everyone has an excellent day, even though it is Monday.