“Haha lol banks use 60 year old programming languages!”

Yes, young whippersnapper, that’s because they need things to be reliable and not change all the time, the code probably has to run for another 60 years.

“Modern” devs could learn a lot from not trying chase every trendy new framework and every shiny new programming language.


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@scottrut Amazon owns it and its book database, which is why, even though things like its recommendations absolutely suck, and you don't have control of your data, and the archive they'll give you is quite limited, any alternative like Bookwyrm suffers from the problem of people being easily able to find and track books and get recommendations for new things to read.

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Attached: 1 image Two things occurred the past week: 1. Illinois released a report detailing that 451 clergy sexually abused 1,997 children since 1950. The number of victims is more than 4x higher than the church previously acknowledged. 2. Target added some Pride merchandise in stores. Guess how much time Fox News gave each story? If the GOP cared about kids, they'd do something about school shootings and fund lunch programs, not scream at Target employees, ban drag shows, and loosen child labor laws.

OpenAI’s Altman and other AI giants back warning of advanced AI as ‘extinction’ risk. If Sam truly believes in the risks posed by AI, he should consider shutting down OpenAI. Power down the data center, delete software & models associated with it. I don’t get his motivation here. What do you want, man? First,you say OpenAI is the best. Then, the next day you say it will pose a significant risk to the human race. So, shut down the OpenAI & move on with your life. Stop making up bullshit #ChatGPT