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  1. Linda, I don’t understand anything she is saying. I DO KNOW, that she is brilliant. She has her own business and as you can maybe understand she works on computers, she teache’s, build Web sites does tons of stuff Internationally. That is My/Our teeny tiny little Amanda. Very successful.

  2. Supposedly tween is; but I’ve not used it. Honestly the fact that it seems to crash constantly and then when it’s not doing that timelines don’t consistently populate have made me so far not want to bother installing it on my new machine. It’s led to checking twitter only sometimes on my phone; which given that I haven’t missed it made me contemplate deleting it. But I think just not logging in or only paying attention to mentions and messages the better course of action. 🙂

  3. Part of the problem with timelines not populating correctly is Twitter’s API. My problem is I depend on a lot of lists, and have two or three accounts running at any given time, so yeah it crashes. If it weren’t for the fact I need to read tweets/mentions/DMs, I’d just use the thing I’ve been building/chronicling on FB/Twitter/my own site to post and be done with it. I could mention specific tweets through that but it would be a bit of a hassle to carry on a conversation like that because I’d have to format the HTML correctly. *wonders if some TinyMCE buttons would help with that, kind of like the ones for inserting a link, image, ETC. Must … Not … Create … Another … Project … For … Myself.

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