There’s an article in the New York Times that attempts to stop people from lecturing other people about skipping breakfast by pointing out that basically all the research and messaging is flawed, and that we probably need to start over.

The headline tells us that breakfast is not magical, but I’m here to tell you that indeed it is magical.

If I don’t get breakfast of some kind, you get nothin’

That’s right. If I don’t get breakfast of some kind, (and as far as I’m concerned, coffee counts as breakfast), you get nothin’. No code, no support, no accessible all the things, nothin’. I stay completely unmotivated until something goes in my face hole. That something could be just coffee, or coffee with some food. But they’re both breakfast, and since this is what keeps me (a) doing all the things and (b) not murdering everyone around me, breakfast is therefore still magical!

Seriously though, read the article.

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