I got into San Francisco at about 11:40 their time. It took a little while to find my luggage, but we found it, and then it took another little while for the Automattic Bus (which is really a big white van, and no, no one’s handing candy out the back) but my ride found me and we drove around the airport for a while until we realized that the other people riding along were stuck in customs. So we headed over to the Automattic Lounge to wait until we can all check into our hotels. I’ve met a lot of people, and everyone’s been very nice and helpful. I’m charging my iPhone now. Automattic has all the cords. And apparently all the Australians except Kerry. There’s a ton of them hanging around here. A very international place. The lounge is also very well laid-out, with not that much in the way, and what is in the way can serve as mobility landmarks. So yay more independent travel, at least here. As I mentioned on the professional Twitter earlier, I have audio from the first leg of the trip and I will get that up when I get to my hotel and get a minute. But so far, the trip’s been awesome, and WordCamp hasn’t even officially started yet.

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