The trip I made to Charlotte with Wil and Denise has paid off.

Wil getting this job is incredibly awesome. I’m excited for Wil and Denise, and I’m sad at the same time because they’re leaving and so Augusta is going to become a lot less fun. But I’ll move away from here quicker than at some nebulous point in the future, and the next move I make is going to be to a place that has a working public transportation system and all the other amenities that spell independence for blind people. It’s not that good things haven’t happened for me in Augusta. Lots of great things have. And Augusta has been a stepping stone for me that has produced some very valuable results. But I never intended for Augusta to be my permanent home. I’ve had a lot of good times with Wil and Denise and the puppies, and it’s been nice to know that I could hang out with them on a regular basis. But I’m also curious to see how life evolves once they’ve moved on to much better things. And it will definitely be better for them, I can feel it. And better for me too. So good luck, Wil and Denise, and I’m looking forward to the returning independence you’ll experience.

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