Apparently this weeks extra workouts have paid off. My Fitbit now says that my average is 4000 steps per day instead of 2000 steps per day. This is a good thing. The scale also says I have lost 0.8 pounds, and since it’s showing a loss, I will give it the benefit of the doubt for the time being and assume it’s not lying like it usually does.

I managed three workouts instead of my planned five. On Thursday I was extremely tired after the Charlotte trip, and on Friday we skipped our usual visit to the gym because Denise and Barbara spent the day doing hard labor at Barbara’s new house. The brought Wil along for the ride as well, and if the tales are to be believed, he was actually useful. I haven’t seen Barbara’s new digs yet. One of these days I will make it over there.

I have a short appointment tomorrow but am hoping to start the week with a workout and continue with the additional four so I can get all five in and have a more significant loss when we have our weekly date with the scale, enemy of mankind that it is. I will also spend some time with the Seven ap this week, because I need to spend some time strengthening my core among other muscle groups.

One of the reasons I’m ramping up the workout schedule is because I want to reach my goal weight somewhat quicker. I’ve been doing well over the last two years, but I would love it if I could give myself the end-of-the-secular-year present of being at my goal weight. This will require being very good in the food department, and so I will also begin tracking what I consume more diligently this week. It’s not like I have an excuse to not track, because the Fitbit app makes it so easy to do.

I’ll end this post with a bit of humor from yesterday’s Weightwatchers meeting. One of the questions that was discussed was whether or not food distracts us when we’re in social situations from the company of the friends around us. I had to smile and say no to this. Hunger distracts me, but food has never distracted me from having a good time, and, let’s face it, food, drink, and good times always go good together.

Until Next week.

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