Given that I need to be up early, I have no business being up right now writing this. But I wanted to post one of my periodic updates.

We’re in the run-up to finals, and thus it’s very Busy around here. Also, I have a meeting tomorrow morning at DSS to come up with a last-minute Word assignment for the Office class. It’ll have to be something I can do in an evening or less, because I have a test Tuesday morning at 08:00 in Economics, and then the final for Economics on Thursday. Tuesday is the last day of class. I also have some Cavi work to get done, and even though the course doesn’t officially end until June of 2010, I’d like to finish that up before the beginning of 2010. And while I’m at it, I’ll plug Cavi.

Cavi is the Cisco academy for the Visually Impaired. They provide accessible, VI-oriented training for CCNA certification and its prerequisite, and they are a non-profit group. You can get more information about Cavi here. And if you’re feeling charitable, and you’re a technophile, feel free to drop them a donation. They’re doing a good thing for the blind community. I’ve been using their material to help with my on-campus hardware course, and it has been most helpful.

So anyway, back to the subject of this post. Along with the final I have this week, I have my hardware final next Monday, and I get to not take my Business Law final, because I’ve done the extra credit assignment. I’ll be posting the write-up in a few days, but I want to expand it for this space as well as add some hyperlinks, because there is some content here that’s relevant. After the semester ends, I’m off to Florida to visit Wil and Denise and the crew down there. We should have a good time. I’ll be there till after the first of the year, and then it’s back here to start the spring semester and start making plans for the summer sessions.

I’ll end for now, but look for the extra credit write-up in the next week or so.

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