For the last couple of days, I’ve been looking for an accessible RSS reader, other than IE. Something I could install on my system, and use as a desktop reader, that’s preferably not going to pop up yet another IE window. I have enough of those open for work, and one less would be nice. Naturally, my first stop was Google. The most accessible reader I found was Accessible RSS, which is a piece of software that seems to embody every single stereotype concerning the blind in the area of technology: Very few options, an on-board browser that goes beyond not offering any bells and whistles down to the level of not offering any features that could remotely be considered complicated. It’s like Lynx but worse. You can’t even copy URLs, (ho option in the context menu), so this means that it’s not a function/feature/bug of the screenreader in use. I never figured it would be this difficult to find an accessible desktop feedreader, and I definitely never figured that one that is billed as the most accessible would be so because it cators to my least favorite definition of accessibility, the one that says that in order for something to be accessible, it has to exclude anything but what’s absolutely necessary for use. I ended up uninstalling the reader, and the search continues. If anyone has any ideas, feel free to leave a comment.

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