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I managed to make it into Tampa on Sunday night, around 20:00 or so.
The cabbie ended up charging me extra for the luggage, as I suspected, and I could have dealt with that in itself.
But things really started getting interesting once I got to the airport.
I managed to get assistance, and found out that it would cost me $80 to $100 to check each individual bag over two, so I decided to carry the rest onto the plane.
When I went through security, they asked me if I could take my shoes off by myself or if I needed someone to do it for me.
Then, they had to take the laptop, because they had to run some “tesses”.
Their words, not mine.
needless to say, I was getting worried at this point.
Once I headed for the plane, the person assisting me told me that two of my bags would not fit under the seat, and that he was putting them in overhead storage, and that I should ask about them once I got to Charlotte.
OK, fair enough.
But when I got to Charlotte, and asked about my bags, there was no sign of them.
I also missed my connecting flight, and so had to wait until almost 18:00 to catch the next flight.
I’ve been trying to find them ever since.
Everyone with the airline seems to have developed a case of the stupids, so I’m calling the Greenville airport today.
I’m missing my laptop, and the suitcase that has all my non-work clothes, along with other vitally needed things, like undergarments.
I hate people.
I really really do.
Now, it looks like I’ll have to go buy new clothes for the time being, which really pisses me off.
The laptop was about to get retired, so while I’m not happy about it being missing, I can deal with it.
While I’m here I can use my aunt’s computer, and I’m sure I can get some things worked out as far as email is concerned.
The clothes, on the other hand, are a different story.
On top of all that, my favorite person in the whole wide world is extremely ill, and I can’t be there to take care of him.
But on a lighter note, the people I’m working with are very nice, and work is going well.
More on that, and everything else, later.

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