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It’s a rainy, windy day here.
I’m still recovering from a major sinus infection on top of bronchitis.
It’s not even 08:30 yet, and I’m sitting back here at work, sitting at my desk.
I’m the only one back here.
Everyone else is up front.
I’m sleepy.
And I can’t believe I actually had to come in here, just to sit around.
I’ll be glad when the hampster wheel stops spinning.
We’ve exhausted all options as far as testing the software is concerned, so now we get to deal with the politics of the situation, hopefully as frankly as possible.
Division of Services for the Blind will be involved in these discussions, because they’ll most likely be helping with the expenses surrounding my switching jobs.
I’m hoping to have this taken care of within the next week.
I don’t have any time to move at the speed of government, and I don’t want to squander the opportunity this new job presents.
I hope to get back to posting regularly within this week.
God knows I have nothing else to do except hurry up and wait while I prod and push for meetings with the appropriate people here at work.
More later.

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