This afternoon’s meeting with Phil was quite interesting.
Rumple Stiltskin came back to my desk, and told me that someone from
Division of Services for the Blind was here to see me, and that we were
going to work on the software issues.
He also told me that this was “Phase Two” of our little adventure.
Phase two?
You mean Phase One has lasted since December of 2005, and we’re just now
beginning Phase Two?
And how many phases are there going to be?
So Phil and I sit together, and I demonstrate to Phil all the issues with
the software, and he tells management and HR the same thing I’ve been
telling them all this time.
So my case has been reopened with DSB, and I’m now considered post
Nice how everyone has some nice buzzword for everything.
I’m hoping the process for this new job continues to go as smoothly as it
I got in touch with my friend Damon
this afternoon, and proceeded to drill him on the kinds of questions he got
asked during his interview process.
That probably wasn’t very fair of me, considering he started working for
Freedom Scientific three or four years ago, but I was still in my neurotic
frame of mind.
Fortunately, he took it in stride, (he probably just considered me to be
just like a psycho caller, and wrote it off), and told me that they were
probably asking the questions they did to find out what cue to put me in if
I’m hired.
It’s nice to know that there are always rational people around when you need
I have to be to work tomorrow at 07:30 again.
Well, at least it’s the same time all week.
It was actually suggested to me by my friend Marques at work this morning
that I look into Christianity.
I wasn’t really sure how to answer that, because I don’t want to hurt
Marques’ feelings, and I know he said that because he cares and he wants the
best for me.
I thought about telling him that he could take Jesus if he wanted to, but
that I would take God, but figured that would be mean.
At least he wasn’t pushy or anything.
It’s getting late according to my schedule, so I’m headed to bed.

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