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When I got to work this morning, and tried to connect to the drive that holds the calls I’m translating, I couldn’t get in.
The system didn’t return any kind of “access denied” error, just a message that the drive could not be found.
I can access every other folder on that drive, (the drive I have mapped isn’t an actual drive, but a folder on a network drive), but I can’t get to the one I need.
That’s very odd, and, if this weren’t going on at work, I’d think nothing of it.
But, since this is the Cube Continuum, one always has to consider what might be lurking around the proverbial corner, (I.E., the ever-present knife).
Obviously, I’ll alert the appropriate people as soon as they get in, but this is just too odd for my liking.
I’d like to just file it in the category of colossal acts of stupidity that pass for normal around here, and award whoever managed to pull this off an Order of Moron, 1st Class, but part of me can’t help but harbor conspiratorial thoughts.
More on this as it develops.

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