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This post is going to sound really anal to any of my readers who don’t work in customer service, but I have to post it.
There’s a girl sitting next to me who seems to be laboring under the mistaken assumption that she should treat the calls as if they’re friendly conversations had with coworkers in the break room.
That really irks me.
I was pissed at her yesterday because she idiotically told some caller from Swansborrough exactly where we are, giving everything but the street address.
She’s used inside jargon with customers, which we’re not supposed to do, advised customers she’d release the call if they consinued to cuss her out, and other idioticies that just aren’t allowed.
Funny thing is, I can pretty much guarantee the quality team made it very clear what is and isn’t allowed during calls.
everyone’s here to do a job, and they might as well do it right, or not do it at all.
There’s no reason to just be an idiot, unless you can’t help it.
Then again, this place has a history of hiring people who act like they have IQs below room temperature.

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