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I talked to the district attorney’s office this afternoon, after finding out that Michelle was released from jail.
The person I spoke to said that Michelle was sentenced to eight to ten months in prison, which was commuted to probation after the first time she robbed me.
Then, when she violated that probation, the probation was made harsher.
She wasn’t sure why they didn’t just throw her in jail at that point.
As of yet, her probation officer hasn’t charged her with violation of her probation even though she’s committed the crimes against me as well as others.
The person I talked to said that the reason she’s out of jail is because either the judge lowered the bond, she posted the bond, or someone bailed her out.
She won’t know until she goes to the clerk’s office to get the file on the latest charges.
She’ll either leave a voice mail on my phone, or I’ll call her back tomorrow.
She said that all the charges she’s been charged with are felonies, with the exception of the credit card fraud charges, which are misdemeanors, and that with her criminal record, she won’t get off with a light sentence.
The same goes with the other two.
She also said that, before sentencing in all three cases, the district attorney will talk to me to get my oppinion on what I think should be done.
The woman said that she was going to call Michelle’s probation officer this afternoon at 16:00 to push the issue of her being violated so they could possible put her in jail for that, and I should find out about the results of that either later when I check the mail or tomorrow.
I also have to go talk to Dione to make sure she doesn’t get rehired out here.
There’s supposed to be a rule about rehiring people who got fired no less than a year after they were fired, but given the company’s recent record, I’m not so sure they’ll follow that one either.
They could just rehire her, and then when I object, say it was due to the needs of the business.
So I’m probably going to have to go the police station and take out a restraining order against Michelle to keep her out of the building.
I don’t have much faith in that, because I’m sure the company will find some way around that too, if they decide to hire her back.
At least I’ve got a contact now at the DA’s office.
The person I talked to this afternoon gave me her direct number, and said I could call if I had any questions.
I hate all of this!

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