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I got another message today, telling me that the button-hanging problem should be fixed, and asking me to test it again.
Of course, it’s not fixed.
And, even more to the point, the button-hanging issue is very small in the grand scheme.
The standards issue has yet to be addressed.
Really, I tried to make sure I didn’t come in here today with my hopes in the clouds.
I think I dealt with the possibility that we might actually have a solution to this huge mess very reasonably, trying my best to keep a waight-and-see approach.
Nonetheless, getting that message was a real let-down, because it means we’re right back where we started.
It’s yet another sign that we’re going to keep running this circle until it either runs itself out in the form of someone in a position to do something finally taking the initiative to act, or until I quit.
I suppose whatever information John has that he can’t give me might contain an actual solution, but that all depends on whether or not he gets shot down.
I don’t know anything about what he’s been involved in, so I really can’t speculate.
It’s hard not to get angry about this latest round though.
Then again, I can get angry, but there’s nothing I can do.

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