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I talked to the detective responsible for arresting Michelle and her thug accomplices this afternoon, and he says they’ll be indicted in the next few weeks.
He says he doesn’t think it’ll go to trial, but I’m not sure if that’s because the DA’s going to give her another deal, or because the evidence is so overwhelming that their lawyer has convinced them they have no choice but to plead guilty and hope for the best.
I’m going to call the DA tomorrow to see if I can get some more information.
I sure as hell don’t think any of them should get a plea bargain after what they did.
Being robbed and assaulted like that has caused some huge problems.
On top of the wages missed due to having to take time off, I’m a lot more paranoid than I used to be, especially at night.
I’ll be glad when it’s all over, and the three of them are in jail for a very long time.
I’d love to put them under the jail, but that’s just not possible, and won’t be as long as we have a legal system that cators to criminals.
And I still wish there was something I could do about the company allowing her to come back and work after serving the sentence for the first time she robbed me, because I’m sure there’s something in the Code of Conduct that talks about being fired immediately if it comes out you end up in jail for committing a crime.
Oh well, at least she’s not on the streets.
Here’s hoping she doesn’t see them for a while.

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