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I was in the breakroom a little earlier for lunch, and someone was microwaving chitlins in there.
Not only did it stink up the entire place, but since I was standing next to the microwave stand waiting for my own food to finish nuking, my shirt now smells like I imagine innards to smell like.
I don’t understand how people can eat food that smelly.
Not just once, mind you.
They had to cook it at home, and then bring some left-overs in and nuke them.
At least with other smelly foods like fish, you can really do a lot with it to make it taste good.
I wouldn’t nuke that either though, because it just wouldn’t taste good reheated.
And I sure as hell wouldn’t bring it into work.
I can’t wait to get home and bathe in some sort of disinfectant.
I’m definitely going to have to wash this shirt tonight, or it’ll stink up the rest of the clothes in the basket, as well as the rest of the room.
Stupid, ghetto rednecks.

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