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I can’t sleep, so I decided to get up, turn the TV on in the living room, and make rice crispy treats.
Not the usual thing you do at 3AM in the morning.
But I was going to do it later today anyway, and this just means they’ll be done cooling, and the chocolate they’re smothered in will be all nice and solid, and they’ll be sitting in the fridge tempting me to eat them.
I’ve managed to get some of my coworkers addicted to them, and I promised I’d make them some more this weekend.
And no, you can’t have the recipe.
The weather wasn’t bad here on Shabbat, although the mosquitoes were out in full force last night.
I ended up taking my dinner outside and eating it out there.
I made a tomato sandwitch and a salad.
I had forgotten how good tomato sandwitches were.
It’s been years since I’ve had one.
That tomato’s going to be gone in three days.
This week I should actually have a paycheck that’s very close to normal.
With the exception of coming in to work late two days in a row two weeks ago, it should be the full amount.
I had almost forgotten what it was like to see a normal one.
I still haven’t heard any word on what’s going on with my robbery case, but I’d really like to go and burn the jail down as long as Michelle and her hoodlum buddies are still in it.
I’ll feel a whole lot better once this goes to trial, and if they all get sentenced to forever in prison, and it’s done and over with.
Now back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

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