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I’m sitting here at my desk, and I can’t seem to get situated.
These chairs are just the other side of comfortable, so it’s hard to find a position that’s good enough to stay in.
I’d leave and go outside, but it’s hotter than Hell out there.
I was out there eating my lunch.
I may go out and check my messages as an excuse to go out and get some air, even though the air is pretty non-existent, and there’s enough humidity to last for the rest of my lifetime. I’m really sleepy, and I shouldn’t be because I actually got eight hours’ sleep last night. I’m currently reading Harry potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in order to try to pass the time.
I’ll be glad when this evening gets here and I can leave.
Next week will be seven months with no work, excluding the speratic tasks John gives me to do, which are greatly appreciated.
Just maybe, sooner or later, I’ll become productive again.
But then, Hell might freeze over too.
Mr. Frodo is such a moron for allowing this to continue.
No, never mind, it’s all the sighted people responsible for causing this problem and allowing it to continue who are morons, and, although it’s hard to admit, in the grand scheme, Mr. Frodo is pretty insignificant.
He’s just the closest idiot.
Apparently we have yet another referral training thingy to go through.
We did the second part Wednesday, and it was a fine example of the kind of effort that gets put into being negatively productive I’ve ever seen.
I didn’t say unproductive, I said negatively productive.
There’s productive, then unproductive, (which means you’re not doing anything either way), and then there’s negatively productive, where you deliberately waste more than twenty minutes of your time at someone else’s behest, just because they want you to.
That’s been the referral training.
Every last word is in the information system we have, so there’s no point in anyone getting together for four hours at a time, three different times, to read through it.
And while I’m at it, the company needs to offer training on how to speak proper English, or at least something that resembles it.
Sunt is not a word, sent is.
It’s not a consonant thing, it’s a constant thing.
How exactly is it that people manage to get through high school not knowing how to speak their native language.
Morons, every last one of them.

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