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Shirah Schmitt finally brings reason back to Cross-Currents.
And so, it seems, has Ismar Schorsch.
in Shirah’s case, I’m glad someone has decided to call for an end to the mockery going on.
It’s all fine and well if you don’t agree with the derech chosen by the Conservative movement, and as long as you express your disagreement in a civil manner, I have no problem with that.
But being smug and sarcastic isn’t going to win you any supporters, nor is it going to win your form of observance any supporters.
The liberal movements cannot be expected to show you the respect you deserve if you don’t return the favor.
By being sarcastic, you only encourage more derision, and that derision isn’t going to stop unless either side recognizes that there’s no need to express disagreement by descending to the level of rudeness.
Derech Eretz is a mitzvah too.
I also agree with Rabbi Schorsch when he says that the past shouldn’t be discarded lightly.
And what is this with folks going to seminary to become rabbis in order to push their own agenda?
Correct me if I’m wrong, but a rabbi’s job isn’t to push a personal agenda.
It’s to lead a congregation, and/or make Halachic rulings, emphasis on Halachic.
If you think the Conservative movement is twenty years behind Reform, then join Reform.
Activist rabbis are like activist judges: We don’t need either.

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