Triage just got a call from an agent, asking for clarification of what classifies as stolen meds.
The agent had a member on the phone who said she lives on a house boat in Illinois, and that a Mermaid or fish got on the boat, and stole her meds.
John dialed in to listen to the call as it progressed, with a whole bunch of us clustered around his cube.
After a few minutes the agent found out that the caller was just trying to be cute, but only after specifically asking if the meds had been lost.
The caller mentioned the Mermaid again while we were all listening.
UM says he’s going to contact Client Services to see if we can have Mermaids listed as a criterian for replacing a med, and that they’ll probably get that done faster than they’ll fix the DB_interface.
All and all, it was great.
Thanks to Third World County, Gribbit’s Word, Dianne’s Stuff, Stuck On Stupid, Rempelia Prime, Reply

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