That’s right folks.
I haven’t even been here one hour, and they’ve already presented the earth-shaking, momentous piece of information I’ve been waiting for.
And that new piece of information is … A new DB_interface ID.
Yes, that’s going to fix all the problems.
I can feel my blood pressure rising.
John’s supposed to come over here in a few so we can see if I can log in with the new ID.
I don’t know what then.
Probably something equally idiotic.
I’d really like to choke UM right now, and I really don’t care if he manages to find this site and read it.
He’s asked me for the address a couple of times.
If he really wants it, he can have it, but he’d better not come here expecting to be treated like gold.
I’m so sick of all this.
What happened to standards of decency in the work place?
You know, those rules that prevent you from outright lying to people just because you can, and giving people the run-around?
I’m sure I’ve probably broken a few of the laws of lashon hara, and as soon as I figure out what those laws are, I’ll repent.
But right now I’m really angry about all this.
All I want to do is come in here and work.
You’d think the employer would want that too.
But apparently they just want to take the path of least resistance, because that’s somehow easier.
This is very discouraging.

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