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Today wasn’t as unproductive as it could have been.
I spent most of it trying to get the software that allows call monitoring (specifically, listening to calls) to work with Jaws.
No go.
I’m going to play around tomorrow in the system to see if there’s a way around it.
I also tried using the mass-messaging client, and it is absolutely the most inaccessible piece of software I’ve ever seen, no exaggerations.
This insistence on the part of big corporations to have their very own of everything is ludicrous.
I’m hoping we can raise the productivity level soon.
Most of the software seems to work, and I’d think there would be a way to get around monitoring calls.
I’m also not convinced there’s no way to map the drives the calls are stored on, thanks to outside advice from someone who knows what he’s talking about.
I’m determined to either find an already existing way, or to create a way, that will allow me to be productive.
I refuse to believe that there’s no way a totally blind person can successfully hold another position in this company other than customer service representative.
It defeats any ambition one might have of being upwardly mobile.
I’m not going to suffer a glass ceiling because a bunch of other people who don’t even care in the first place can’t figure out how to think outside the box they’ve fashioned for themselves.
Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.

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