I need to be sitting here doing blog stuff about as much as I need another hole in my head.
However, I can’t sleep because I’m all stuffed up, and I’m drinking some orange juice to try to make myself feel better.
I’m also washing a load of laundry because I’m going to go to my mom’s for Thanksgiving and I found while packing that I need a few more things clean.
I’ve discovered an inline trackback plugin for WordPress and a Google adcents plugin for it as well, and I plan on installing those so I can test them out.
I’ll most likely finish this glass of juice though and head to bed.
I’ll also make a pot of coffee in the morning because I only have one soda left, and that’s for lunch.
I just started looking around at some of this blog stuff, and those who know me know how easy it is for me to get drawn into some technological persuit I have no business being in at that particular time.
But then, that’s when the funnest things strike: When you really need them not to.

Taken from customerservant.com

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