I’d really like to shoot the last two callers in the head.
The first one was a grumpy old woman who wanted to jump back and forth between records for herself and her husband, and bitch at me because her doctor wrote her prescriptions “do not substitute,” (meaning we can’t substitute a generic for a brand, even if it’s cheaper, usually for medical reasons), and then she wanted to bitch because she had prescriptions she had no refills on.
The next one was just incredibly stupid.
I’m getting tired of people going “Do you mean the … (insert piece of information: account number, prescription number, order number, ETC.)” when I ask for the ID number.
Is it really that hard to at least act like you’re intelligent?
That’s the easiest part of the call!
Just give me the information I’m asking for, and don’t ask me to jump all over the screen, and then go “wait, I have the ID now” when I’m in the middle of doing a name search or something like that.
Jesus God!
People get on my nerves!
You have to try to be that stupid.
There’s no possible way you just are that way.
I wish this day would hurry up and end.

Taken from customerservant.com

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