Not that this system is any good on any other day, but today it’s just been absolutely ridiculous.
I’ve had to restart the thing more than once, because of everything from “serious application container issue” messages to the search button not working.
I’d like to know whose semester-end project this was, and how drunk they were when the got it done.
I’ll be glad to get off work.
I’m getting tired of this place.
O … wait … I’ve been tired of it for a while.
On a better note, the site’s got a new look, and I’ll be adding some things when I get home.
I hope to be able to post some things that aren’t work related, yet are original soon, all in the hope of making the content of this site of higher caliber.
There will always be room for the enteraining things that go on at work, but I want to expand things a little.
I have a headache right now.
And I don’t have any drugs with me either.
We’ve been in cue all day as usual.
All of this is really stressful on a person.

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