While I’m waiting for the client’s man to join the conference call to begin today’s training session, I might as well recount how this whole thing came to be in the first place. A few weeks ago, I was asked by John if I would mind helping someone out who works for the client who is using Jaws. I said I would. So a few days later, I participated in a conference call with this individual. I agreed to help, because I figured it would be the nice thing to do. Evidently, that was my first mistake. I provided all the documentation I got during training, sent an email or two back and forth, and pretty much left it at that. Then, last Friday, I was asked if I would agree to a weekly conference call until further notice. I said I wouldn’t, mainly because I don’t believe it really takes that much to learn this system, and secondly because I was afraid that someone from corporate would take one look at that and eventually conclude that it isn’t reasonable accommodation, and I’d take part of the fall-out. That’s something I can’t afford because I don’t have enough job security to prevent my being sacked in order to save someone else’s skin. I came in Monday morning and stated why I couldn’t accept to John. Wednesday morning, he told me that I didn’t have anything to worry about, because I wasn’t being asked to take on a consultant’s position, and it would just be a favor to him as an individual. That settled things a little. Then, not twenty minutes later, our operations manager came to my desk and informed me that I would participate in a daily conference call, and that I would clock into training billable, which makes sure my employer gets paid. I get nothing extra. The implication was that, if I refuse, my career path would be redirected. So there it is. I’m expected to pass on every piece of information I’ve gleaned over the past two years, every tip and trick, every single keystroke, to someone else, for free, (or rather, for my standard $8.75/hour rate). Even I didn’t expect that one coming. I’ll be extracting splinters from my colon for months. And just Sunday morning, I was foolish to think that maybe this could be helpful to me. I was foolish enough to think that, finally, all my hard work might actually pay off to some degree. Now, the whole thing comes to light. This has been in the works for at least the last month. At first they asked. Since I refused, now I’m being compelled. From what I hear, the client is bending over backwards to accommodate this man. The only problem is, it’s at my expense. I don’t blame him, he had nothing to do with this. But for the foreseeable future, I get to be on display. Ladie and gentlemen, for your entertainment and edification, and to help you get some warm fuzzies, a blind person! I thought I was past the point of being vulnerable enought to be hurt by my employer. Maybe furious, but not hurt. I was wrong on that one too. This whole thing makes me feel violated in the worst manner, like something to be used and then thrown away. I feel cheap and dirty, like I’ve been prostituted ritually in the temple of the dollar. I don’t say that just to be dramatic. I really and truly mean it.

Taken from customerservant.com

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