It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and, since there’s a break in the chaos, I figure I’ll take advantage of it.
I’ve had this weekend off, and spent yesterday doing pretty much nothing.
There’s been some drama going on with the transportation situation.
I’ve started taking the PATS (Pitt Area Transit System) service to work because Andrew has early classes, and his mom doesn’t want that much wear and tear on the vehicle.
Well, apparently, they have their own time scale, we’ll call it PATS Standard Time, otherwise known as PST.
If I were into conspiracy theories, I’d blame this on those out in Lost Angeles and beyond, (PST is also Pacific Standard Time, and since the two systems both employ the same acronym, they just have to be similar, grin). I’ll leave that one alone for now, so Joy and Don you get a break.
Anyway, I schedule a 07:30 pick-up, since I start working at 08:30, and that gives them plenty of time, in case they’re running late.
Apparently 07:30 their time is 06:56 my time, which puts me in the position of having to get up no later than 05:00 in order to get ready for work, and that doesn’t leave any time for clearing my brain of the sleep-induced fog by administering caffeine orally.
The problem I run into is that if I schedule the pick-up any later, they have me to work late, which is not a good thing for either the attendance record or the paycheck.
I’ve changed residences, which is a very good thing.
My new place is very nice, and I’m doing my best to make it as homelike as possible.
I’ve acquired a nice bed, (it would be queen-sized if not for the fact that it’s missing about two inches on either side), a washer and drier, a recliner that’s nice-sized, and an end table.
My computer desk is a card table, and I have a folding chair to go with.
I also got a microwave, and a coffee pot, and a tea pot, and a crock pot, thanks to my mom.
That’s where the bed, recliner and end table came from as well.
I’m very happy with the place.
It’s just me, all by myself.
I can leave the crap at work.
Well, and on the PATS van.
Speaking of PATS, can someone please explain to me how the hell you can manage to sing, shout, dance and drive all at the same time?
Almost all of the PATS drivers are gospel freaks, and they love to make a public display of their religion, for all the world to see and hear, and I get treated to daily “praise” sessions.
The Medicare project came back to Convergys, and we lost AT&T, as well as gained CustomerService.
They’re going to have all of us trained by the end of the summer to be taking Pharmacy Helpdesk calls as well as Customer Service calls.
More work, no more pay.
I’ve decided after some thought to turn into my personal blog.
I’ll most likely turn it into a syndicated account over here, because I can generate an RSS feed, and it gives me more freedom as far as what’s displayed, and it also gives you guys the ability to rate entries.
The CMS I have is really simple, and really neat.
I don’t know if I’ll update both journals, but once I get it syndicated, you all can add that to your friends pages, and/or go directly to the site, and add your comments there.
Also, I’m running into the problem of needing to put all the blogs I watch into one place, so there will be a page with links to all your journals, as well as the ones I watch from other sites.
This will also be x-posted to , so if you want to comment, you can leave it there.
That’ll be it for now, but I’ll try to keep you up to date more often.
Everybody take care.

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