It’s almost five in the morning, and since I’m not asleep, I figure I’ll post. I’ve been extremely busy. I’ve worked my normal hours, as well as putting in my share of overtime to try to stem the cue. We haven’t been successful at doing that until this week, and even at that, we still haven’t managed to go more than thirty minutes without fluctuating between cue and sane call volumes. The pharmacists are pissed at Express Scripts for taking on the tricare and Triwest contracts, and are petitioning the government to take those contracts back. I don’t thinkit will happen. As a result, I’m thinking of renting my cubicle at Convergys outright. I spend more time there than I do here. I get home after midnight, so by the time I unwind, it’s two in the morning, so I go to bed, and don’t wake up till noon. Which doesn’t leave much time to get anything done. They’ve asked us to voluntarily work our lunches and breaks to try to stem the cue. Right. I’m not in to putting in charity time for Convergys. They screwed up my pay check again, but this time, my supervisor admitted it was his fault. Progress? Probably not. Anybody who’s ever been a Convergys bitch can simpathize. Feel free to share your Convergys horor stories here.

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