I’ve gotten an early start today, so I’ve got a little time left that I can use to blog.
We’re scheduled for a meeting of the “Right Team” (mine) today, probably having to do with our latest monitoring, which John says has bone really well.
Something positive.
And maybe we’ll even get lucky and have relatively little cue, though none at all would be, I think, optimism to the point of foolishness.
I hope today isn’t as bad as yesterday was though.
I’ve gotten a little more used to the cold, except that I’m having sinus trouble because of it, or the heat, can’t figure out which.
I’ve got some people’s sites to move to WordPress this weekend, namely Jerry’s.
It won’t take me more than five minutes to do, and really isn’t a lot of work, so I figure it’ll serve as my good deed for a few days, and I’ll get it done this weekend, after Shabbat.
I’m going to my mom’s for Thanksgiving weekend, and that’ll be a nice change, even if it doesn’t involve Ze’evi.
He’ll probably end up having to work, but either way, we can’t spend the weekend together, which sucks, but it’s life.
I plan on taking on a major editing project for this blog, mainly just going through it and changing all names that are the real ones to protect the privacy of individuals mentioned, especially the ones associated with work, and definitely the instances where the name of my employer shows up.
Admittedly those entries are really old, but they’re in the archives, which means they’re searchable by anyone.
And I definitely don’t want to end up on that list of people who get fired for their blog content.
I’m not sure when I’ll get to the L-J, and the other one’s OK.
I’ve only got one more sip of coke left, so I’ll end this here.
Everybody take care, and I’ll probably post later.
Hope you’re all doing well.

Taken from customerservant.com

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