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I put in my official two weeks’ notice today.
Well, actually, I met with Mr. Frodo and the HR director to see what steps were going to be taken now that we all agree that we’ve exhausted all options.
They told me to just resign.
Given that we’re dealing with some of the worst dissemblers imaginable, my guess is that there’s probably something slightly illegal about that, but at this point I don’t really care.
From where I’m sitting right now, my new job looks like the best thing since sliced cheese.
I know it will have its disadvantages just like everything else, but so far, I haven’t encountered excessive amounts of smoke headed my way, and the people I’ve dealt with have been up front and honest.
And, there won’t be any accessibility issues to worry about, which takes a huge amount of stress out of the equation.
I’m finally over the sinus infection and bronchitis I’ve had for the past three weeks, so posting should be more frequent than it has been.
I’m off tomorrow, and I have to work on Shabbat.
Fortunately, I won’t be having to do that much longer either.
Shavuot is next week, and I have to work those days as well, but this will be the last of the Hagim I’ll be obligated to work.
For the foreseeable future, as long as I give enough advance, I’ll be able to take the days I need off, and since I don’t take many days off as a rule, there shouldn’t be any problems.

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