It’s been a very long last two days.
The calls have been outrageous.
I had one before leaving work today from some woman who said she didn’t like my tone because I couldn’t give her the answers she wanted.
The pharmacy was squobbling over how a script should be entered into the system, and that’s not something we can divulge to members.
Inside baseball, you know.
So she got mad and said “How about you transfer me to someone higher than you, like your supervisor.”
So I told her I’d be more than happy to transfer her to my supervisor, and I tried to sound as cheerful as possible.
You know, the customer is always right, and since I committed the unforgivable sin of offending a customer, I must pay!
She told the Support member she talked to (they play the role of supervisor when it comes to taking calls) that I was being extremely sarcastic.
I told him she could kiss my rear end, and for the sake of this discussion, we’d even be nice and say I have two rear ends just to make it easier.
Customers suck.
I hope to be able to post more often than I have lately.
They didn’t actually fix the serf control system at work.
They set my IP up so that it had internet access, and then gave my IP to someone else, so one of the wonderful (I really mean that) network administrators is looking into it and says he’ll have it fixed.
Those people are really great people.
They get to put up with all our crap, and then take the rap when the system fails, and they have no control over the system.
They’re just the high-tech shepherds.
I wrote some entries late last week, and will get them posted sometime soon.
I also have some articles I’m working on, and they’ll be posted as well, when I get them finished.
Hurray for being able to back date posts in WordPress.
They pertain to news items posted months ago.
I also hope to try to find ways to get the site to make a little extra change for yours truly soon.
I don’t expect to get rich off of it, but a little extra would be nice.
I can’t believe I still have three days left in the work week.
Days take way too long to pass when I’m working in that hell hole I call a job.
Everybody pray, or cross your fingers, or chant, or whatever you do for me to get a new job.

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