I’ve spent the afternoon going through more software.
So far, I’ve only found one thing that absolutely doesn’t work, and that a remote desktop client.
I knew it would work the minute I found out it was remote desktop, because I don’t have a remote desktop license for Jaws, but I figured I’d go through the motions of trying anyway.
What harm would it do?
The woman who’s helping with the testing is very nice, but very stupid, and in serious need of a stick of deodorant.
She’s working under the assumption that I know just as little, if nor less, about computers than she does, so I’m being walked through every step, one by one, including “Press the start menu, then programs … ” ETC.
And then there’s the musk.
It’s sickening.
How do you walk out the door before work, knowing you smell like that, or will smell like that by day’s end?
And finally there’s the stupid factor.
I think we should start a colony on the moon, for the stupid people, and let natural selection take its course.
They’d either learn to survive, (some of them undoubtedly would), or they’d perish.
Either way, they’d be in the not-our-problem category.

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