Supposedly, the database from hell was upgraded last night, and so we’re supposed to have all the attendant problems. Yay Java! At any rate, the hyperlinks have been updated, but as of yet the actual upgrade isn’t there. Should make for a lot of chaos. Definitely looking forward to it. I had an exhausting day yesterday, and I really don’t want another one today. But thanks to someone else’s unpreparedness, it looks as though I’ll get it. Just once, I’d like a day that doesn’t involve any of my normal adventures, or system downtime, or cue The work day didn’t start out exactly as I would have liked either. I filled my tumbler up with Mountain Dew, and some of it spilled in the people carrier. That’s not where the Dew is supposed to be. I have a decent schedule today, so that’s good. My lunch break is right in the middle of the day, and that’s a lot better than yesterday’s, which was at 14:00 (2 in the afternoon). I’m hoping that, by the time I get back to the Yid-Palace this afternoon, I’m not completely trashed, and can actually manage to get something productive done later on tonight, like laundry.

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