Yesterday ended on a very sour note, but since it was already Shabbat by the time I left work, I couldn’t post about it.
My last call was from some guy who was mad because we didn’t use our “common sense” when it came to refilling his prescription.
His doctor didn’t write a day supply, only a set of directions on the script.
So we tried to get in contact with the doctor to verify how to proceed.
No response.
So we deleted the script, and sent it back to the member.
Well, apparently, we’re just supposed to know what the day supply is supposed to be by looking at the amount of pills prescribed.
Everyone knows what would happen if we started filling scripts like that.
We’d be sued by everybody who could manage it.
The guy asked for my name so he could sue me.
These people think they’re really going to get something done by suing someone at the very bottom of the food chain, lower than they are?
As far as we’re supposed to be concerned, they’re practically divine!
That’s evidenced by the fact that people who aren’t even citizens can order us around, with no fear of consequence.
Now before anyone takes this the wrong way, or happens to come across this and take the remarks out of context, I’m not advocating frivolous lawsuits against those higher up in the corporate world just because they are higher up in the corporate world.
I don’t bear a grudge based on one’s position or status in what has become the modern nobility.
However, suing the least of us isn’t going to get anything accomplished, really.
Bottom line, just because you screw up doesn’t mean I’m going to try to get the company to take the fall.

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