Shalom all:
As the subject says, it’s the first day of Passover, about two minutes after sunrise. I always love Jewish holidays, especially Passover. This is the first Jewish holiday I ever celebrated. I didn’t get my Menorah until after my conversion, and Passover was where I got my first glimpse of Jewish communality. I spent my first Passover and participated in my first Seder with the folks from ECU Hillel, at the organizational advisor’s house. That’s where I got my first taste of matzah ball soup, matzah, kugel, and gefilteh fish. Ah, the memories. As I said, I didn’t do anything myself for Passover, but it’s still been nice to take this time to remember why we celebrate this festival to begin with: We celebrate it because G-d brought the Jewish people out of Egypt, with miracles, so we could serve him. More later.

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