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It seems as though the esteemes developers working for the client have come down with a serious case of amnesia, and forgotten everything, (and I do mean everything) I’ve told them over the last eight, (well, I guess now it’s nine) months.
We’re back to defining what the word “focus” means.
Actually it goes beyond explaining.
It’s more like trying to verbally impart a frame of reference, and I mean the entire frame, not just part.
Yet these people refuse to make themselves familiar with the screen reader, (no, testing out certain functions running the screen reader while using the mouse to do everything doesn’t even come close to counting).
It’s like asking a smart person to explain to a retard what it’s like to be smart.
Just doesn’t work.
This is really stressful and frustrating to say the least, because I know where this is going.
It’s going the same way it has for the last nine months.
Round and round and round the hampster wheel.
And maybe if I do a good job, I’ll get a treat.
I hate stupid people.
Really can’t stand them.
I’m tired of dealing with ignorance that’s this pervasive, and yes, ignorance and stupidity are virtually synonymous, and even if they weren’t, no one reading this should expect me to take the time to point out the difference.
And, in case anyone’s wondering, I’m not bitter, I use salt.

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