This is in response to something posted in Ray’s
journal, concerning the Terri Scheiavo case. I said I
wasn’t going to get in to this, but here goes anyway.
I’m not going to give my oppinion on this, because,
quite frankly, all the oppinions have been punted back
and forth like a stale hamentashen
for the last however long, and it’s really getting
annoying. I mean, I hate to come off callous, but
really! I’m beginning to think that, if Americans,
of every persuasion, right or left, don’t have some
major media event at least once a year, then they start
to go through withdrawal, and so someone has
to create one before they have to take the measure of
setting up a hotline to deal with the crisis. If I have
to go to work one more time, and walk into
the break room to get some caffeine, and hear Pat
Robertson screaming about how this is judicial murder,
I’m going to murder someone. I think whoever’s
responsible for drumming up the media storm has acted
very immodestly to say the least, and I have to agree
with Ray’s question: Why does this case merit
so much attention when this kind of thing happens all
the time?

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