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No, that’s not a misspelling.
I meant it like that.
Michelle and her possey were arrested last Friday, and are now in jail.
I went to the police station today to pick up my DVD player.
When I asked the detective how he knew it was mine, he said he was sure it was mine because they admitted taking it from my apartment.
He also told me that Michelle said that they had come to my apartment planning to do what they did, but that they didn’t do it.
Yet, somehow my DVD player magically ended up in their possession.
I also made it a point to tell the detective that I’m not interested in any deals with the DA’s office.
The case will go there because one of the charges against them is possession of stolen goods, and that’s not a federal charge.
The detective said he wasn’t sure how the rest was going to be handled, or if they were all going to be tried together, and he also said that she has other charges pending.
The DVD player still has the sticker on it listing the suspect’s name and address.
I may leave it there as a sort of trophy.

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