It’s Monday morning, and I’m up at 0:dark:30, so while the coffee’s brewing, I’ll go ahead and update. The weekend was restful, if too short. I spent it reading, (currently, I’m making my way through the Harry Potter series, and I should probably update the bookshelf on the sidebar to reflect this), and lounging around for the most part. I played the 24 Drinking Game with Wil and Denise on Saturday night, but Denise and I drank Mountain Dew instead because I needed to get up earlier than I normally would on the weekend and Denise has been babysitting for the last week. But we had fun all the same. I’ve purchased myself a Haupauge USB TV tuner for the office, so I can watch TV in there between calls. I’m really liking it so far. It seems to be accessible for the most part, with the exception of the initial scan for channels. Once you’ve scanned for channels, you have the ability to type the channel number and it will take you to that channel. I’m thinking of bringing the digital cable box from the bedroom into the office and hooking that up so I can see how the tuner handles it. But I suppose I’ll have to clear some space off the other desk for it before doing that. I’ve been thinking of getting myself a coffee grinder and switching from canned/packed coffee to coffee beans. This would give me an opportunity to experiment with different flavors if I so chose, and freshly ground coffee always tastes better, at least to me, anyway. I’d also love to get my hands on one of those eight-in-one George Forman grills that’s a griddle and toaster oven and a few other things in one, as well as a blender. I found a book in my collection of cookbooks with nothing but chicken salad recipes in it, so I plan on experimenting with some of those too. The coffee’s done, so I’ll end this for now. Until next time.

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