I just had a discussion with UM, and he says he wants me to take an actual call, using the inaccessible database interface, so he can illustrate to the client what exactly is going on.
What the hell?
For the sake of argument, (really, because I can’t tell the guy no), I’m going to have to attempt it.
But, as far as I’m concerned, there are too many uncertainties to start involving someone’s real-life problem in some sort of a guinny pig operation.
He says we can have someone y-connect to spot.
I’m not sure what that’s going to do.
How can you have two people taking a call.
He’s not registering that, if the client has refused to do anything up until now, despite the trouble tickets, despite the repeated and documented explanations of the problem, they’re not going to do anything.
And nobody’s even considered the logistics of handling a call whose first step, after giving the opening greeting, is fraught with problems.
John doesn’t even know, and he’s the one who trained me, and has worked for this company for at least five years.
I wish I could just quit, and leave, and say to hell with all of it.

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