UM’s boss and M’s boss came to my desk shortly before I clocked out this evening, and said that M’s boss wants to sit and observe what Jaws does when interacting with the db_interface.
I told them that the best way for them to figure that out was to use Jaws themselves, but they shot that one down.
I also told them that Cary would be more than willing to give them information about what’s going on with it, and they said they want to talk to me first, and then maybe we can see about talking to Cary.
I love being treated like some sort of lesser being.
Maybe I should consider it progress, since neither of them stooped down to talk to me.
But then, their tone betrayed it all.
I’m waiting for DSB to get back in touch with me before I drop the L-bomb.
The end result of the latest batch of smoke is that I get to spend tomorrow afternoon letting M’s boss sit there and find out that he can’t see what Jaws is doing, and we’ll be right back at square one.
And here’s the best gem of all.
Apparently their programmers have a remedial knowledge of Jaws and how to use it.
There is no remedial level.
Either you know how to use it or you don’t, and if you don’t, you can’t make your software accessible.
You have to at least know how it works.
And for M’s boss to sit there and say that their programmers have a remedial knowledge of how to use Jaws tells me they don’t have any knowledge.
I’m hoping I can just evolve to the point where I can live off bullshit, because I’m fed enough of it that, if I could live on it, my grocery bill would be non-existent.
Time to run the maze, yet again.

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