OK, I’m sorry, but I just have to do this. This is begging and pleading for a response, in some other form than a comment to the journal in question, where the comment could be deleted.
The following is a quote from Jamminjerry’s journal:
“The next time this happens, (for those who don’t know, Jerry’s journal was visited by an annonymous poster, who decided they wanted to leave him a surprise), I will be taking action. I don’t know what I wil do, but I will do something!”
Question: How does one take action against an annonymous poster? Email the livejournal webmaster and request an IP trace for an entry that was posted almost a week ago? IP addresses aren’t usually attached to names. More to the point, it’s stupid. You didn’t lose any money, and it would have been much more prudent if you’d have just deleted the entry and all comments associated with it, and just let the whole thing be forgotten. Instead, you make a groundless threat against an unknown someone, thus making yourself look more like an ass than that entry ever did. You also showed yourself to be exceedingly arrogant and self-centered. If I recall correctly, you weren’t the one whose reputation was questioned, and you weren’t the one who was insulted. Your girlfriend was the one who was insulted. But you made no mention of looking out for her, or her feelings, and you made no attempt to repair the damage done to her reputation. In fact, you’ve shown that, when it really matters, and when really important things like personal honor are at stake, the only thing that really matters is whether or not your ego is satisfied. That speaks volumes.

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