I really don’t need this right now. The Pacmate batter doesn’t appear to be charging correctly. I really can’t afford a new battery right now. It appears as though it will run on AC power, but I don’t know if that will last or not, and if it doesn’t, then I’m screwed. The batter starts to charge, then remains at %0. I have no idea how much a new batery will run, but I can pretty much guarantee I don’t have it right now. Can something please go right today, please? I don’t think I’m asking for a lot. Just for everything to work like it should, for people not to be immensely stupid, and, if it’s not too much, to be treated like a human being. That’s it. Nothing more. I’ll forego any luxuries. If I were someone else, I’d be able to get a new Pacmate battery for free. But apparently he possesses some magical quality I don’t. OK, that’s a little bitterness showing through. But with the week I’ve had, it’s to be expected.

Taken from customerservant.com

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