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This would be entertaining if it weren’t maddening already.
I’m finding that more and more of the site I used to visit here at work are being blocked.
I understand that’s their job, and I suppose I’m technically violating the company’s internet usage policy.
It’s kind of difficult though when your only objective is to come to work and see how hard it is to keep yourself entertained for eight hours a day due to not being able to work.
I’d like to say this situation won’t drag on much longer, but I honestly have no idea.
Hell, it could drag on for a year and I wouldn’t be surprised.
I wonder if people in other corporations are actually as incompetent as they seem to be in this one?
Not all of them, mind you, just most.
Even some of the aggregatos I was using to get information for posts is blocked.
I suppose as long as they don’t block all of them, I’ll still have access to info.
If they do eventually block them all, the number of posts will drop dramatically.
At some point I need to finish uploading the rest of the Livejournal entries back up to the site, and then back up the database.
I hope to get that done this weekend.
I also hope to get the new theme working as well, because I really think the site needs a new look.
I’m just bored with the one that’s up now, but I need to make sure the new theme’s going to work with Firefox, and that’s proving difficult.
There is limited support for Firefox with Jaws, but not enough that would allow for a lot of testing.
I suppose as long as they don’t block Newsgator, I’ll still have access to some news.
God, this post is extremely random.
Definitely won’t end up in the top ten.

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