It’s Thursday, and I’m back at work.
I woke up at around 07:38 this morning, which is way too late for my liking.
I heard the alarm go off the morning, and hit the button, then rolled over thinking I’d lay there for a few more minutes.
That few minutes turned into two and a half hours.
So I got up, threw on my clothes and finished getting ready in less than twenty minutes.
I drank my first coke while walking out the door.
And it looks like training the man in PA is back on.
This time, I log in to clerical work.
My employer isn’t billing the client.
At this point, he still isn’t here, but it’s probably because nobody told him.
It’s hotter than hell in here.
We keep bitching at the facilities manager, but it’s turning into something that has to happen on a daily basis.
I’ve threatened to buy everybody on my row, (and as many other people as I can afford), canned drinks if it doesn’t cool off in here.
I might have to deal with being hot, but I’m not going to deal with being parched, and I definitely cannot afford to keep buying bottled drinks.
Betty, I got your comments about importing all my L-J entries, and thank you very much for your offer.
Fortunately, I already got them imported, thanks to a little xml.
I’m applying for a mentor position at work.
It won’t mean any more pay, but I’m hoping it will lead to something else.
Here I go again being hopeful.
Let’s see how it turns out.

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