Today hasn’t started off well at all.
The alarm didn’t go off again, and the time is set correctly.
I think I’m just going to have to chuck the thing and rely on the Pacmate.
I’ll have to get used to waking up with that alarm.
Then, when I got to work, the system locked up when I clocked in.
I really don’t need that happening because it’s already effected one paycheck.
My paycheck last week was a couple of dollars short, six dollars to be exact.
Then, when I went to put the phone headset on, I found that someone has stolen the little foamy earpiece.
Ghetto bastards!
I don’t have fifty cents to replace it right now.
I really shouldn’t have to replace it.
People should just leave anything alone that doesn’t belong to them.
Is it really that hard?
If they want to steal each other’s stuff, fine.
But leave my stuff alone.
This isn’t supposed to be the ghetto, so don’t act like it is.
Then again, why am I surprised?
It may as well be the ghetto, given the people who get hired out here.
I plan to post about my Thanksgiving holiday later.
Hope everyone had a good one.

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