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I guess the referral training doesn’t start until 13:30.
So I’ll fiddle around till then.
I’m in a very vicious mood today.
I hate this place, and most of the people, and the rules, and everything associated with this hellhole.
I was supposed to be on vacation this week, but my sweetheart got the “Needs of the Business” treatment from his boss, so that got nixed.
Meanwhile his boss will get to take his Memorial Day weekend off.
I hope it really sucks for him.
My ‘Net connection’s down at home, so I still have to deal with that later on.
I hope to get that fixed tonight, otherwise I’ll have two tons of email to go through.
Wait, I’ll have that to do anyway, since I haven’t gone through my email in at least two days.
This week’s dragging on, probably because I was looking forward to a break spent with someone who’s actually intelligent, capable of really deep conversation, and just plain fun and a genuine pleasure to be around.
Corporate America sucks.

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