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An agent just called me to ask if she could transfer a member to the pharmacists because she didn’t know how to explain why a generic birth control had been dispensed instead of the brand, and the prescription was written tG, which means “trade written/generic dispensed.”
Trade is a nice word for brand.
In other words, the doctor allowed for the generic to be dispensed, but because this idiot didn’t want to do her job, or didn’t know how, she wanted to pass it off to the pharmacists.
How about you actually use your sources and read a tiny bit before you make a stupid assumption like that?
Or, how about you make sure your IQ is above room temperature before you come to work and start talking to people so you can explain things properly.
This isn’t rocket science, and if you made it through training, you shouldn’t be having problems like this.
Between the fellons and the retards, this company’s gone past the dogs.
The dogs won’t even touch it.
They just turn their noses up at it and go, “no thanks.”
I don’t think you even have to breathe to get a job here.
All you have to do is blink.
We should just staff this place with golden retrievers.
They’ve got more brains, and they’d probably actually get the job done.
Oh, and they’re cleaner and cuter.

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